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Experto en Rehabilitación de la Mujer – Sexólogo, creador del Método Hipopresivo, de la Neuromiostática, del Periparto, de la Fisiosexología y del  Caufriez Concept

Especialista en la prevención y tratamiento de disfunciones corporales y emocionales relacionadas con la salud de la mujer

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Caufriez Concept







Método Hipopresivo







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Caufriez Concept (EN)

Prevention and treatment of female specific bodily and emotional dysfunctions

Dr. Marcel Caufriez

Creator of the therapeutic concept Caufriez

as well as Methods included

Hypopressive method


Visceral Neuromyostatic Uro-Gynecological and Digestive


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45 years of professional clinical experience in University Institution and in private consultation, teaching in prestigious universities, fundamental scientific investigations in a research laboratory specialized in Ecophysiology, media communications and specialized conferences, of trips to the discovery of different cultures, … all, various experiences in the service of the Health, in particular for the Women, led Dr. Marcel Caufriez to create a therapeutic concept, unique in its kind, mainly for women, the Concept Caufriez, named after its author.

The “Caufriez Concept” is a set of Methods at the service of Women’s Health (mainly): currently, the best known of these Methods is the Hypopressive Method and its Hypopressive Gymnastics programs.

The overall philosophy of teaching the “Concept Caufriez” is to increase the knowledge of Public Health for Women and strengthen the responses of the various health sectors by incorporating a thinking that generates equality and equity for women. Women, thereby increasing the preventive and therapeutic capacity of health programs, demonstrating how gender issues affect women’s health.

The “Concept Caufriez” addresses the different fields related to the life of Women, Health, Sport, Maternity, but also economic and social, civil and educational.

The “Concept Caufriez” is not only the treatment or the prevention of diseases or dysfunctions specific to women, by application of Physiotherapy or similar techniques; we take into account the fact that Health has a broader definition: the Human being is complex and its status of “Health” depends on a multitude of variables, such as social, professional, family, emotional, physical, …; We even think that culture, as well as family antecedents, important events in the life of the ancestors (transgenic transmission) play an important role in the development of diseases or dysfunctions.

Overall, the “Concept Caufriez” considers that Human Rights and the different vital conditions of Women (social, economic, educational and professional) are related to the specific morbidity of women; in other words, this means that certain pathologies or dysfunctions in women could be avoided, not only by the application of specific medical techniques, but also by the taking of educational measures promoting gender equity: social equality and professional taking into account the physiological status of the Woman.

For more than 30 years now, the Concept Caufriez has been disseminated through conferences and courses for health professionals, mainly Doctors, Midwives and physiotherapists interested in improving health problems. relating to the Woman.

Through the application of techniques of postural Gymnastics and manual or instrumental techniques, ecophysiological techniques, by physiotherapists (physiotherapists) specialized in various methods of “Concept Caufriez”, in women, associating a communication “non-verbal “(semiotics), we disseminate a series of messages, with the goal not only to treat a particular pathology, but also to reinforce the” self-confidence “and” awareness “of one’s own physical and mental abilities , in these treated people. These two factors are essential to fight against the claims “machismo” but especially to inhibit the doubts and the lack of self-confidence that exist for a large number of women (the biggest enemy of the woman is the woman herself).

The “Concept Caufriez” is based on the algorithmic analysis of the risk factors related to the complaints of the patients in order to select the techniques to be applied in the treatment of the dysfunctions. In the case of preventive treatments, the algorithmic analysis identifies non-symptomatic dysfunctions to implement the appropriate measures in order to avoid in the future the appearance of symptoms related to certain specific diseases. The algorithmic analysis of patient complaints are based on the use of specific clinical tests (biometric, biomechanical, biological, …)


The specificity of “Concept Caufriez” is in summary:

An algorithmic analysis of the symptoms / syndromes that each patient will present to identify risk factors and create treatment protocols.

apply a treatment methodology based on neuroscience, neurobiomechanics, neurobiology, histochemistry, …

use analytical manual and instrumental techniques, holist gymnastics programs