Abdominals and Female Perineum

Research, Evidence Based, Evaluation and Treatment Caufriez Concept

This blended training includes access to the platform with study material, guide and evaluation test, videos with presentation of the theoretical content, 1 module of live connection with Dr Marcel Caufriez and Jenny Osorio by zoom and 1 days of face-to-face training with our teachers of the Caufriez Concept.

It is aimed at health and movement professionals, fitness professionals and all those interested in abdomino-perineal treatment.

Abdominals and Feminine Perineum is a course that offers a series of practical answers, based on abdominal ultrasound and perineal instrumental tonimetry research, combined with biomechanical tests, to build a personalised training or treatment protocol.

Training Objectives :

  1. To discover the functional relationship of the abdomino-perineal complex in the light of scientific and clinical research.
  2. To discover the manual and instrumental tests related to these muscles.
  3. To discover original therapeutic tools that can be used in case of hypotonia of the abdominal girdle and perineum.

General Programme:

Training objectives and programme of the World Health Organisation: Global concept of Health Global Systemic Concept according to Caufriez (Caufriez Concept)
Concrete clinical examples to illustrate the Space Concept
Abdominal Manometric Concept Abdominal Barometric Concept
Functionality of the thoracic diaphragm
Dysfunctions and consequences
Tests Functionality of the abdominal girdle
Dysfunctions and consequences
Manual and ultrasound tests
Female pelvic floor functionality
Dysfunctions and consequences
Ultrasound and tonometric tests
Analytical normalisation techniques
Holistic normalisation
Atlas and Sitting exercises
Phasic exercises without risk

The registered professional will receive:

Study material and presentations
6 recorded theory modules with evaluation test
1 module with Dr. Marcel Caufriez and Jenny Osorio live via zoom-in
1 training workshop with our teachers of the Caufriez Concept which will be transmitted online at the same time.
After completing the training cycle, the student must take an exam via the online platform and develop a clinical case.

On passing the exam, the student receives: 

Certificate “Abdominal and Female Perineal Treatment Approach”.

Dates of the training:

Zoom Module: To be confirmed
Workshop: November 19 – 10:00hrs – 19:00hrs – Mallorca

Value of the training:

290 € for full payment of the training.